Lunar Amazon-founder in the development phase

SEATTLE – The space of Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin, started with the development of a large computer, which is suitable for re-use.

Bezos can see that in the future there are millions of people on the moon to live and work.

Amazon founder Bezos, with assets of more than 100 billion the richest man in the world, has taken up the plan to the moon to exploit. If the him is, among other things, a permanent base and a heavy industry that is on the earth is less desirable.


The build of a lunar module, that can fly with a lot of cargo on board, is an important step. Bezos hopes the spacecraft is already about two years in use for testing. If everything goes according to plan in 2023 will be started with the colonization of the moon. Bezos can see that in the future millions of people live and work.

Blue Origin is also working on the New Shepard, a rocket for tourist ruimtereisjes, and the New Glenn, contract-heavy satellites into space. The launchers must return safely to earth following launch. Bezos has in the conquest of the moon and the space competition of other wealthy businessmen, among them Elon Musk (Space X) and Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic).

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