LIVE. Can Theresa May and her followers convince?

Theresa May speaks today at the annual conference of the British Conservatives. It is the first hurdle to her country emerged from the European Union.

May climbed up on the stage under the guidance of Abba’s monsterhit ‘Dancing Queen’, after which she made her speech began with a nod to her speech from last year. That had ended in a disaster. The British prime minister got when by a persistent tickle in the throat not from her words. The speech was also disrupted by the British comedian Simon Brodkin. That handed May her ‘C4’.

May with her speech in the first place is the hard Brexiteers within her party koesthouden. For that reason, she made Tuesday all new, stricter immigratieplannen known. Once the United Kingdom the EU has left, want May the conditions to be in the country to be able to work quite a sharpen, also for citizens of the EU.

Successful May its position secure – and everything indicates that May strengthened from this conference will come – then she has two weeks time for the real work to complete. During a new European summit decided whether the proposal of May for the future relationship with the EU – the so-called Chequers-plan – enough adjusted. That is currently not.

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