Large mother of Willy Sommers

Willy Sommers is deeply concerned for his needy mother. Willy’s mother is 90 and recently made a serious fall from her shoulder broke. Since then she’s nothing more independent and there must be a solution to be sought. Willy Sommers goes every day along with his mother. However, should there be urgent to get help for his needy mother, because with his busy schedule can Willy not the whole day about his mother’s mercy.

Mama Marguerite recently made a fall from her shoulder broke. Because of the high age they should not be under narcosis, because the risk would be too great that she would not awaken. But that is to say, that the rupture cannot recover, and that Marguerite for the rest of her life there will continue to be… A solution is urgently needed.

“She has a lot of pain and her arm can barely move,” says Willy Sommers in Day All. And that weighs heavily on someone who, until recently, her own laundry and ironing did. That she will never be able to, see also Willy Sommers. “It breaks a new episode in her life,” says Willy. And there, she has it quite hard for us, the popular singer. “I can’t get more,” says his mother to him. And that is difficult for someone who always has been extremely active, as his mother.

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