Kurdish Barham Saleh was elected president of Iraq, shiite Mahdi government

The Iraqi parliament has, on Tuesday, Barham Saleh, of the party Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, elected president. He now has the shiite politician Adel Abdel Mahdi, the command given to form a government.

The 58-year-old temperate Saleh defeated in the second round of his challenger, the 72-year-old Fouad Hussein, with 219 votes against 22. Hussein was the candidate of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan.

According to the political tradition in Iraq, the presidency to a Kurdish candidate. The sunnis provide the president of parliament and the shiites, the prime minister.

The presidency in Iraq is mainly a ceremonial function. The real power is in the hands of the government. Mahdi will according to the constitution, thirty days to form a government.

Mahdi was minister of Finance from June 2004 to april 2005, under the reign of prime minister Ayad Flame. Afterwards, he was appointed vice-president. In 2014 he was also minister of Oil.

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