Kleinkunstzanger Hugo Raspoet died

The kleinkunstzanger Hugo Raspoet died, as reported VRT and The Latest News. He was 77 years old. Raspoet was mostly known for the song “Helena”.

Hugo Raspoet was born in Ganshoren on november 2, 1940. He broke in 1962 musical with his song “My child king” in the televisiezangwedstrijd “Discover the Star”.

In 1969 broke there is controversy around the Vatican – and pauskritisch song “Evviva il papa” that Raspoet had written for the BRT program, “Certainly Take a position”. The public broadcaster slammed the singer, his song and the whole program in the ban. He also saw performances boycotted or eliminated.

In 1970 he released his first and only, self-titled album. That also includes the song “Helena”. There was a single “Day of Love”, but Raspoet became embittered by the excessive commercialization of the kleinkunstgenre and the excessive attention for his “Helena”. In 1973, borg his guitar, which he translator was at the public broadcaster.

The flemish minister of Culture Sven Gatz responded today on the microblogsite Twitter to the death. “Hugo Raspoet remains in my memory of life with his masterful song Helena. But the kleinkunstzanger dared as a child of the sixties, sometimes against the shins of the former establishment, a stamping, for example, with a critical song about the pope and the Vatican”, tweette Gatz.

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