Kate Ryan candid about eating disorder

The first bedgeheimen of this week in Gert Late Night was good for a large utterance: Kate Ryan-told in the section about the death of her mother and the fact that her former manager was obliged to the day after the death of her mother to work. Kate Ryan has in her young life, already seen and done, and today she has a number of things to regret. “Katrien, we later hear. That is a great”, said the mother of Katrien Verbeeck always. “But she has never allowed to hear”. Katrien was 21 years old when her mother on the consequences of cancer died. “I thought that was very. Very. I was 21, my mom was 43. She’s at home died, that she wanted to also. But so really that last, that very last, that I might not want to see.” Kate has never properly saying goodbye to her mother. “Because the day after I had to record a video clip. I remember that I then called to my former management and said: “Men, I can’t. It’s not going to. I don’t want to.‘ They responded with ‘And you should. And that you can’t make it. We let that continue.” And since then, I have a real click made and I feel really pushed aside. If I’m talking about that because I really feel. “

Everything was at the time in the character of the career of Kate Ryan. She was then already abroad at the time. It all went so fast that the singer himself began to lose. “I was 19 years old and all of a sudden, there are all the managers around you that told me big could make, but I have to thick it was. I had to lose weight and am on a very extreme way to begin to do.” The pounds flew off with Kate, Ryan, and several times fell in the past, the word anorexia. That word takes Kate in bedgeheimen not in the mouth. “As I very much wanted to eat and I wanted the food and the distress puke, actually it is that. That was from me and actually did that virtue.” Eventually dropped Kate Ryan is recording, and treat. “That was really peace, away from that world . I got a phone call from a journalist who said, Yes, miss, can you tell us what the problem is? And if you don’t say, then we write something we make up yourself. Very, very, very very, very, very dirty. That’s what I mean with that world. She is a little bit ruined sometimes.” And still, Kate Ryan to fight for her place in the showbiz and she has an explanation for it. “Singing is just my passion, it is him. That is a drug, hey.”

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