Justin and Hailey in a community is married

Bieber is so in love with Hailey that he marriage conditions not to be found

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are still, last month married in the city hall of New York, and have no prenuptial agreement established. That reports TMZ. The set keeps the circumstances surrounding their trouwstatus secret and has not been confirmed.

According to sources, had Justin and Hailey contact with their lawyers for the drafting of the prenuptial agreement on the day that they shared a trouwvergunning to get, and then immediately proceeded with a real wedding ceremony. It soon became known that the conditions are not on the same day could be recorded. Justin is, according to some people so in love that he also did not think it was necessary to have a so-called prenup to sign.

The singer has a net worth of 250 million, while Hailey ‘only’ has about a few million dollars.

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