Johnny Depp excited by all the gossip about him

Depp does not want to be portrayed as violent

Johnny Depp is still reeling from the media attack on his private life and says that it hurts to as “a violent man” to be put down. In a new British GQ interview speaks to the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean over the last three years of the drama, which began with the rupture of his marriage with Amber Heard and led to lawsuits from former managers and lawyers and stories about his sanity, health, and reportedly dwindling finances.

The 55-year-old actor tells the magazine that he set the record straight. “The last few years felt like a perverse situation that happened to me. The big money was on the bar thrown”, he tells GQ. “People persecuted me as they got the chance. I know that I never Cinderella would be – I know this and accept it – but it felt like Cinderella in a very short period of time was changed into the beast.”

“I could feel that people different to me looked through all the accusations. And then people start things in magazines to convert: “He is insane. He needs a mental health check.’ Just ridiculous”.

Depp adds: “Eventually the truth will come out and I will be on the good side. I hope that other people will be. I know the truth, and when I today everything would have to release – job, career, everything – then that is also good.

It was the allegations that he and his wife had abused him really hard to hit, because he insists that he is not a violent man. “To someone you love to hurt? As a kind of bully? No, it’s not happened.”

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