Invented Drew Barrymore-story goes viral

Drew Barrymore

“This interview with Drew Barrymore is… extraordinary,” writes Adam Baron at photos of the article on Twitter. And that turns out to be quite an understatement. The interview starts off with a fairly idiotic introduction: “in Spite of her unstable relationships in the past, in spite of decided to for the time being, to fully focus on motherhood.”

The author decides then to go into her past and takes even a fictional psychologist. “Drew has 17 failed relationships, engagements and marriages. According to psychologists, it is normal, because they since her ninth no father figure in her life. From that moment on, she is unconsciously went looking for male attention. But unfortunately, that is not gone as planned and she has still not have a successful relationship.”

Entirely fabricated

’The interview’ is going to happily continue with the even stranger statements about her weight loss. “I feel overwhelmed when someone tells me that my image have been restored and all those extra pounds have lost. Mainly because I was depressed because I was so much arrived after the birth of Frankie. Still, I think this is a good opportunity to overweight women to encourage them to use their beauty to restore. After all, it is not as difficult as you might think, it is mainly about perseverance and the proper diet.”

Apart from all the spelling mistakes, turns out the interview is also completely fabricated. The actress let know never to have contributed to the publication. “It’s wild”, sounds. “We have the author will be contacted for an explanation.” EgyptAir has not yet responded to the article.

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