Home-actress: “violently”

Tina Maerevoet we know when Paulien from Home, and she has a very intense storyline set up. And these emotional scenes are not always easy to play…

After Paulien finally got pregnant via ivf, her happiness quickly fell apart beaten by a miscarriage. How do you prepare such a scene, and how you go there in the home, early Day, All on Tina Maerevoet, the actress who Paulien plays in at Home. Tina Maerevoet admits that she even sighs when she that particular scene for the first time under eyes got. “How do I do that?” she thought to herself. The actress realized that this is a crucial scene in which they had to prepare. So she went to inform himself about the topic, so she went to talk with people who have a miscarriage have experienced and all that research brings you into contact with very hot and spicy stories. “The more you know the emotions of those testimonies late, the easier you can make calls during the scenes,” says Maerevoet in Day All.

Because of how intense the scene was, of course, it is also a very valuable scene which many viewers will recognize. It is therefore important to be well prepared for that scene so true, emotional and powerful as possible, to play, says the actress. But Tina Maerevoet had yet another way to prepare for that particular day. So she put on in the morning, and melodramatic music on in the car to get in to vote. For example, the so, too, winks the actress. Still, there was that scene quite a severe impact on Tina Maerevoet.

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