Heroes of Here is spectacular Molotov-training

“It is always a fun day, because you never know what is coming your way,” says inspector Luis in Heroes of Here: On Intervention. That no day looks the same for the agents of police CARMA, it appears yet again in episode 5 on Wednesday 3 October. So hurry the agents to the stadium of KRC Genk, where after the match, what tumult has arisen, and they jump a little later in the gap for a woman in need of assistance in the removal of a dead rat under her hood. Heroes of look Here also be exclusive on a spectacular Molotov-training.

During such a training to teach the agents how they should react to an attack with Molotovs. And that results in pain images. “The Molotov-cocktail that we use is 800 ° C, the Bengali fire is 2,000 ° C”, it sounds there. “In the past such an attack already happened. If you experience the worst, you can a lot of situations,” testified superintendent Am.

Also for the football the police CARMA regularly called. Just before the football match of KRC Genk kept the agents an eye in the sail during a parade to the stadium. When the match is over, there is a call inside of a small brawl that occurred between a supporter and a taxi driver. The inspectors go on site to mediate.

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