French president accepts now and the resignation of minister of Internal Affairs

French president Emmanuel Macron has by the end of Tuesday the resignation accepted of his Interior minister, Gérard Collomb. Who had Monday all are resignations, but that was denied by Macron.

The 71-year-old Collomb, however, held guns, wrote Le Figaro earlier in the day. The man gets all of a few weeks a lot of criticism for his plans to come at the local elections of 2020 in Lyon.

The minister of the Interior is the actual number two of the French government. Collomb is also a confidant of Macron. His departure is bad news for the French president. Last month got also been the minister of the Environment, Nicolas Hulot, unexpected.

The tasks of Collomb be temporarily exercised by the prime minister, pending the appointment of a successor, according to the Elysée.

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