Ewan McGregor wants less maintenance to pay

Ewan McGregor

In legal documents that E! News got hold of, is that Ewan agrees to contribute to the livelihood of Eve and their minor children Jamyan (16), Esther (16) and Anouk (7), because he is not legally entrusted the money to pay. The former lovers are arguing now about the height of that amount, because Eve says not around to be able to come out of his monthly contribution, where Ewan believes that he is paying more than should be necessary.

The two started their separation in January, after their marriage ended in may 2017. The reason for this was that Ewan was having an affair got into with his Fargo-tegenspeelster Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who is also her relationship ended.

McGregor wants shared custody of their three youngest children, where Mavrakis go for one-sided custody with visitation for Ewan. Their oldest daughter Clara is 22 years old and so mature.

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