Disney is accused of ‘money laundering’ black main character

Even before he was in the halls running, caused the new animatieprent ‘Wreck-it Ralph 2’ is already quite a bit of controversy. Critics believe that Disney film with princess Tiana on ‘whitewashing’ subject.

The first ‘surprised’ responded, was an actress Anika Noni Rose. She lent her voice to Tiana in “The princess and the frog” (2009) and put on Instagram with astonishment that ‘her’ princess, ‘Ralph 2’ a short makes an appearance, a “much clearer skin and finer facial features” has been given. “I and my team searched immediately contact the studio to that visual modifications to cards,” says the actress. She says a meeting to have had with the creators of the sequel and the creators of the Tiana character for the princess a new tekenbeurt to give before the film on november 21 in the US opens.

In his new adventure leaving Ralph, a villain from a video game, that hero wants to be, his familiar world to the internet to end and there ‘unprecedented dangers’, the boss. He hopes there is a vervangingsstuk to find a ‘Sugar Rush’ to restore, the video game in which his girlfriend, Vanellope von Schweetz lives.

Von Schweetz is a famous, Disney and sacred site visit: ‘Oh My Disney’ live just about all the Disney heroines. A little later, during a pyjamaparty, the princess is so pale and her hair all wavy, which you don’t recognize.

Brandi Collins-Dexter, of the anti-racist ngo Color of Change has a campaign against the ‘whitewashen’ of Tiana starts and says that the Disneystudio has promised the character of the black princess to redesign so that Tiana again “a proud black princess with full cheeks and black skin and hair’. According to the newspaper Wall Street Journal has Disney all the criticism to heart and will Tiana as two drops of water on Tiana seem.

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