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Crypto market is losing 30 billion US$ in a day

The crypto market is losing 30 billion USD in a day

Yesterday afternoon (06.09.2018) until tonight (07.09.2018) has lost the crypto market is 30 billion dollars, the reasons are unclear and it can only be speculated whether it was due to the fact that Goldman Sachs Trading Bitcoin Desk pulls back, which is why a lot of fresh money from the Wallstreet have been waiting for. The reasoning on the part of Goldman Sachs speaks of market manipulation or fear of the next big Dip is comparable to the occurred last year in September, as the market of 178 billion USD to 101 billion USD fell.

The market capitalization of 2017 and the Crash in September

A bloodbath in the crypto-currencies. Most of the crypto currencies, fell briefly to a double-digit percentage figures.

Anywhere in the red are to be seen except in the Tether.

If the Bitcoin falls, Altcoins are mostly stronger, and the Downtrend is not broken in spite of many good news still. Many people who joined in December are eagerly waiting for the green, but for the past nine months, the entire market is in decline and has lost 75% (600 billion USD). It remains to be seen where and when the bottom is found and whether the SolidX/CBOE ETF is covered with real Bitcoins, is hereby approved. Until then, it is called the bear market sit this one out.

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