Cocu: “It is a delicate situation here”

He continues across Fox Sports. “And if that is not forthcoming that success, there comes criticism. That is quite normal, even healthy to call.”

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Dark clouds gather above the head Cocu

But that ’Fener’ so low in the Turkish league, he had also not expected. “It is difficult. It is to fight instead of play football. On the spot where we now stand we have now something else to show, more fight going to deliver. There are now other things asked for.”

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Cocu looking down with Fenerbahçe

Cocu explains further: “It is now a delicate situation where we all care about, but we do everything we can to get out. The triptych with the president of the club and the technical director works very well. I feel the support here. The emotions are always just a little bit higher as in other countries. And the newspapers should be full, there is always something written.”

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