Case Kavanaugh: witnesses can’t contact FBI

WASHINGTON – The FBI is investigating the allegations against the candidate-chief judge Brett Kavanaugh, but several people who have information, would have to say that they in vain have tried to get in touch with the federal investigation. The White House, the FBI has until Friday the time given for the research.

Candidate-chief judge Brett Kavanaugh

After the dramatic hearing Friday with Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, the wife that, to him, accuses, president Donald Trump under pressure the research to verordonneren. According to Ford, has Kavanaugh her in his student raped, in the presence of a friend.

The FBI now has with that friend Mark Judge spoken. Four other witnesses were examined. Further, the other witnesses that also a second wife, who Kavanaugh accuses, is heard. It comes to Deborah Ramirez.

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