Caroline Tensen is scared of dementiecijfers

Caroline Tensen

“It is a nasty disease,” says Caroline. “You’re just someone else. That is very confronting.” According to the presenter, there is still a lot of ignorance in the public about alzheimer’s disease. “It is called the number one epidemic. One in five people will get dementia. I really don’t,” she says. “Explanation and more research is needed.”

Carolines now deceased mother had dementia, causing them the illness of close experienced. “My mother was an aphasia also do not talk. Then you knew not what was in her head was. Then you have those still, but it’s not,” she explains. “Through this program I went me to realize what my father was undergoing. How fierce it was.”

Not too heavy

The broadcast of Wednesday night was deliberately not too heavy show. “From that very intense and sad, I hold not,” says Caroline. She hopes to have more awareness in the viewers, and of course new donors. “We hope an x-number of new donors to recruit. In any case, enough to further investigate to start. That is so important.”

Memories for life is Wednesday at 21.25 hours on NPO 1. During the broadcast, there are more appearances of Karin Bloemen, Leona Philippo, Elske DeWall, Sjors van der Panne and Carel Kraayenhof.

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