Ben Sombogaart is working on film about death marches

At the end of the Second world War, the nazis forced many of the prisoners in work and concentration camps to a death march. The Germans were partly the traces of erasure of the horrors in the camps by the exhausted captive to force herself to move. It was often unclear where exactly they went, but by the poor living conditions and lack of food and water cost these marches are estimated to be a quarter of a million prisoners life.

Caught a number of Dutch women who should be on the death march. It would be the second film, who writes and sings about the Second world War: in the past, he also directed the Twins, The last Dutch feature film that an Oscar nomination it received.

The director went down this week, the drama and Raphael, in premiere, that the true story tells of a Tunisian man who, after the Arab spring, not with his pregnant Dutch wife with him to Europe. Therefore, the Tunesiër the hellish crossing to Europe. The film is from 11 October in the cinemas to see.

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