At Hag: ’Just a pity that the 2-1 is not’

Ajax coach Erik ten Hag

“On the one hand, I am very satisfied, but on the other hand, we can and must win,” he said across from Veronica. “We have here an excellent performance given, at that early stage.”

“We have a good team, but we need to mature. We were very brave. Bayern had to struggle with that we are constantly on the ball were hunting. Where we could we have football. It is a pity that the 2-1 is not. The team has super functioned.”

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At Hag could be his team only blame that it is not the profit to his side. “This competition gives the boys even more confidence. They only need to be those goals. But this is a confirmation that this team is capable of. We have kwaliteitsspelers, which together to high altitudes, can rise.”

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