’Armed intruder’ in complex Gulen in USA

SAYLORSBURG – The American police force is rooted after at the residence of the Turkish mental Fethullah Gulen report was made of a probable intruder. That beat the flight after a security guard a warning shot was fired, said a spokesman for Gulen.

On images is to see that several police cars are parked at the complex of Gulen, in exile, lives in Pennsylvania. The spokesman of the spiritual claimed that the intruder probably was armed. The police, who after about two hours, went, wanted, according to local media only to say that there was an incident at the property in Saylorsburg.

The Turkish government holds Gulen responsible for the failed coup d’état in 2016 and wants his extradition. The American authorities have as yet refused to participate. The spiritual says nothing to do with the couppoging.

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