After tsunami also volcanic eruption in Sulawesi

PALU – Sulawesi is also a volcano erupted, after the Indonesian island was recently hit by an earthquake followed by a tsunami. The almost 1800 meters high volcano Soputan spewed ash and smoke about four miles into the air.

The eruption of the Soputan.

According to the burgerbeschermingsdienst there are currently no messages about any damage. The ash particles also pose no danger to air traffic, said spokesman Sutopo Nugroho. The volcano is located in the northeast of Sulawesi, on more than hundreds of kilometres away from the area that the earthquake hit. Soputan, in recent years, more have been active.

The earthquake in the northwest of Sulawesi last week, had a strength of 7.4 and caused a huge tidal wave. Thus, already 1300 people to the life to come. The search for survivors is still in progress.

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