Actress Elisabeth Andersen (98) death

Elisabeth Andersen in 1984.

Also, she was an Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau. Further, she received in 1965 and 1972, and the theaterprijs the Colombina, and she was, in the beginning of her career, three times appointed to the Actress of the year. Also she received the prize of the city of Rotterdam. In 2004, if the toneellegende, the Lasting Applause Prize for her entire oeuvre.

After the war, and took her career in a large flight when she was discovered by Cees Laseur. He was her great mentor. At the Haagse Comedie played Andersen under his direction, among other Perpetua in Venus Spied on, Yerma in Yerma of Carcia Lorca, and Joan of Arc in the Lark by Jean Anouilh, but also Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. She continued her career at the Nederlandse Comedie. There she was, among other 189 times on the boards as Jeanne, a Flemish volksvrouw, in the piece on Friday, written and directed by Hugo Claus.

In the early eighties, worked Andersen, inter alia, together with the directors Karst Woudstra and Gerardjan Rijnders. Her last role was that of mrs. Dercksz Of old people and things that pass, by Louis Couperus.

Elisabeth Andersen is Monday, October 8, buried on the cemetery Westerveld in Driehuis.

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