Active CHER (72) mother (92) as an example

Cher (72) still believes láng not to stop.

But a showgirl, in the meantime, 72!

“Of course I do often stop thinking at all after my first Farewell Tour in, when was that, 2005. I was already at an age of Biblical proportions and actually found that it was appropriate to stop. But, what do you mean? I can and will for years. I asked me especially to finish what I was going to do with all that free time, but I came to nothing more than playing golf and rosé to drink on the beach of Malibu. BARBRA STREISAND asked me recently why I, at my age as much as on the neck get. And I answered: “Because I no longer can!”

Cher has not a stranger.

She says: “My mother is 92, but sticks with her energy a fifty-year-old to the crown. I am glad that I have her genes. My mother always gave me wings given to me and never slowed down or tried me from fulfilling my showbizzdromen. At the age of four, I feel very special.”

Afraid of death, she is not: “No! For my children, everything is regulated, but interfere me nowhere. They see but. A traditional funeral is always a horrifying thought for me. Let all my loved ones in colourful clothing to the South of France and drinking champagne. Let them toast that I have such a beautiful and special life.”

There are things that her night do to stay awake? “Well, a man in each case. Alas! I was always a nieuwsjunkie and read before going to sleep all of the sites. But since TRUMP and the other despots of the world on its head, I stopped. I fall now with audiobooks asleep!”

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