Young Violence, opens the eyes in the Zeepreventorium and holebikamp

Itself Tita, Hebe, Chinouk, Len, Obi and Fiel best satisfied with their own body. On Tuesday 2 October in Young Violence, however, knowledge with peers who are less. They pull to the Zeepreventorium in De Haan, where they talk with young people who are from obesity or cystic fibrosis suffer. From there it goes in the direction of holebikamp, the last stop in Young Violence. During both visits is the importance of a healthy mind in a healthy body yet again underlined. A real eye opener in the run-up to Red Nose Day.

After the third kampeernacht starts the fatigue to take in the 6 young people. That does not stop them from there together with Evi Hanssen. In the Zeepreventorium of De Haan and listen to the story of young people with obesity camps and they talk also with Quinten (15), a young mucopatiënt that there already since 6 years a few months a year staying. The positive spirit with which Those of each day fights for its condition to maintain, agree Time to think.

Obi and Tita go meanwhile jogging with Shani (17), those with obesity are struggling. Shani is an emo-eater, since the death of her dad. A term used in Obi, and Tita is not well known. “If you are an obese person see, do you think that just eats a lot and little moves. You think there is not further and do not realize that it is also a response to a trauma can be”, realize Obi. “The most trouble I have with people that me judging as I eat something. They do not know how much effort I need to do here,” adds Shani.