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Woman gets golf ball on the face during the Ryder Cup and lose an eye

The woman who is on the Ryder Cup a golf ball on her eye and was considering legal action.

The 49-year-old Corine Remande says that it can’t see through her right eye after a golf ball on her face. That happened Friday when a ball from the American Brooks Koepka, the audience is seen during the Ryder Cup in Paris.

‘The doctors have told me that my eye no longer can use, ” she says to news agency AFP. “It happened so quickly, I felt no pain when I was hit. I didn’t feel that the ball of my eye had not been touched until I get the blood felt flowing.’

The golfer Koepka himself hurried after his battle to have to apologize. “It was painful,” says the 28-year-old golfer. ‘A golf ball to check is difficult, especially at 275 metres. And very often, the fans close to the fairway (the area between the teeing ground and the green, ed.).’

Now considering Remande legal action against the organization of the tournament. “The organizers are clearly partly responsible. No one cried a warning when the ball the crowd went in. More than anything, I want them for all the medical bills to pay, to ensure that there is no risk of infection.”

The European PGA responded, ” the incident further to investigate’.

The Ryder Cup is a golf tournament between the twelve European and twelve American players. At this edition of Europe was too strong for the USA.

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