Waste strategy Patty Brard unhealthy according to experts

Patty gave in the interview in a year’s time, 30 pounds to his weight.

“As a female half would have to eat of what a man is eating in the Netherlands, then it would be a woman’s huge weight loss. That would not be good! The only situation in which this would make sense is if the husband is a cyclist and the wife an office job”, says Marjolein Visser, professor of ’healthy ageing’ of the Free University. With this she wants to indicate that in addition to that, according to her unhealthy, it is also not harmless.

According to lector weight management of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Peter: Weijs, is it true that women need less than men. But, as he says: “What Patty says is a bit exaggerated.” It could be that women are only 20% less than men.

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