Victor Mids not yet ready for children

Victor Mids and partner Myrthe

“I’m still so busy, the next step is living together,” says Victor, who is six years with the 27-year-old Myrthe. The two soon moved in together in Amsterdam.

The fact that Victor is now a BN-there is no problem for Myrthe. “She goes very well with it, she is quite sober. Every time she is positively surprised about all the work, things that almost seemed to be true: the ratings, the book where some of 125,000 copies have been sold. It’s nice that we already knew before I became known. We were a member of the same fraternity.”

On the question of what versiertruc he Myrthe has applied, answers the illusionist: “By its penetrating and open to look, to show her: I’m going to you with my eyes not to let it go tonight.”

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