USA refuses from now on, unmarried diplomatenkoppels of the same sex

Partners of diplomats of the same sex can no longer claim on a visa from the United States, unless they are married. Paradoxically, the government intends with the modified measure an equal treatment of homosexual and heterosexual couples. ‘Wrong and cruel’, responds to Human Rights Watch.

In a memo, which was distributed in the UN headquarters in New York, says that unmarried same-sex partners until the end of this year, the time to tie the knot. If they are not able to provide the proof by december 31, they the country within the thirty days leave. Unmarried partners who are not yet reside in the U.S. will have no entitlement to a visa to move.

The American ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to the treatment of heterosexual and homosexual couples unify. The requirement that diplomatenkoppels married to a visa to obtain dates from 2009, but same-sex couples was an exception.

That exception was made because equal treatment of homosexual couples abroad is not guaranteed. Less than 12 percent of the countries that are members of the United Nations, allow gay marriage. In theory, couples can still marry in one of the 25 countries where gay marriage is accepted, a certificate is obtained.

Human Rights Watch points out that this is not the same for everyone is safe. Homosexuality in more than 70 countries have made it illegal. “The United States must realize that this is a mistaken and cruel measure is, it sounds there.

The modified measure affects employees of the United Nations, ambassadors, the staff of embassies and consulates, foreign military which is based on a military base or a foreign embassy or consulate within the US.

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