’Top Gear-men bedonderden Chinese’

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were for many years the faces of the successful Top gear. After Clarkson of the BBC was fired, they went all three to work for Amazon.

“They are going this season, three to four road trips to do with retarded shit”, reveals Wilman. “So they have to be in the United States own a camper build and attract them through Trump-ville. In China, they need the business community to try and convince Mercedes-clutter of 20 years old it all is going to be. That is of course completely wrong.”

Of the third season, which from the beginning of november with Prime Video, most of the episodes recorded now. Currently reside the faces of the program in Azerbaijan and Georgia. Wilman: “And you can count on beautiful specials from Colombia and Mongolia.”

In a short teaser was also to see how Clarkson himself as a French policeman had dressed up, including a ridiculous moustache which is to be hoped that this is a plakvariant was. Images of Clarkson had your reporter unfortunately at the expense of the security of his phone to delete.

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