’The existence of randomness in VAR’

Dick Advocaat is protesting at the fourth man.

A lawyer jumped out of his skin when referee Bas Nijhuis in the second half against FC Groningen the red card showed Gustafson and failed to monitor the situation to look back. The FC Utrecht trainer, who temper the VAR-sign uitbeeldde, even got a yellow for protesting. “Or that that gesture was? Well, I’ve got perhaps even what was said to the fourth man.”

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Gustafson acquitted by the KNVB

The disciplinary committee of the KNVB gave Lawyer yesterday, equal and deleted the red for Gustafson. “I can imagine that the first impression of Nijhuis was that it is a serious offence. But if you have the chance to make the situation frame by frame to look back, you see that it is bad and it’s more of a collision was,” says scheidsrechtersbaas Dick van Egmond, who is of the opinion that the error could have been prevented by a better interaction between the VAR Jeroen Manschot and Nijhuis. Although the VAR to the arbitrator indicated doubts, saw the stubborn Nijhuis is no reason for the images on the monitor to consult.

’Referees have to be in this kind of situations, the certain for the uncertain”

“It’s a shared responsibility”, says Van Egmond. “The VAR has not clearly enough stated that the decision was wrong and the referee, despite the doubt in the VAR not the reason given to the display. It would have been better if he had done. This we will discuss. Referees must in this kind of situations, the certain for the uncertain. The player red will be right on.”

Arbitrator Bas Nijhuis pulls decisively the red card for a violation of Simon Gustafson.

The lawyer was surprised at the obstinacy of Nijhuis. “He was so convinced of himself, that he not even wanted to go back. It was for FC Utrecht will be as neat as he had done. I do want to emphasize that it is not something personal to Publish, because I think that’s a very nice guy and a good referee, but he got this just have to do,” says the 71-year-old coach, who, until now, not very happy with the VAR. “I find that there is randomness. In the fight against relegation with Sparta last season went to two penaltymomenten, where the VAR is not surgery. That has played a role in the degradation of Sparta. It’s going to be very crucial decisions and I wonder if they are enough to realise.”

Van Egmond is confident that despite the introduction of the VAR, this kind of incidents will not completely eliminate. “The VAR is created, the number of disputable moments, to restrict, and that is very managed. Only will you there is still one, because you’re dealing with interpretation, communication, and the pressure of the moment. And then there is something wrong.”

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