The bakers bake vegan

In week 6 is going to Bake Off the alternative tour. The remaining candidates have to be gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan baking. A big step outside the comfort zone for bakers who are used to using butter, milk and eggs to work.

The bakwereld today more than the traditional firings. Vegan and raw bakers make all the rage on Instagram, and even the most classic patisseries experiment with alternatives. In Bake Off, the bakers, therefore, to get started without the building blocks of the traditional patisserie.

Two times ten gluten-free cakes, is the assignment for the signatuuropdracht. “The candidates should think of it as a different kind of bakery,” says jury member Regula Ysewijn. A challenge, because bread, rice and gets its shape thanks to the gluten in the flour. The bakers immerse themselves for a time in buckwheat flour, corn meal, oatmeal and the like.

The technical trial of the week is a lactose-free chiffoncake. A pastry that no bell does ring, but foreign associations. It is the luchtigste cake from the Bake Off-season and therefore highly susceptible to subsidence. The bakers are given a recipe, but most throw that overboard and rely on their own experience.

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