’Taylor Swift was so amazing with my autistic son’

Taylor Swift

Of course, there was also a special backstage meeting with the singer, reports People Magazine. Allison posted later a message on the Facebook page of Autism Speaks and wrote favorably about the singer. “Taylor Swift was so pretty, she was fantastic with Jacob. They saw not his disability, but purely and only him.”

“She came on eye height with him sitting down, said hello and thanked him that he was going to show had arrived, despite the fact that there for him a lot of incentives were due to the light and sound. She also found his dog, Reid superschattig. She introduced Jacob to his ease, which he “hi Taylor!” she said, and something that we the whole week had been practicing. When a photo was taken he was terrified of the flash, making him in her arms crawled. He has almost the whole concert sustained, really great that they have this for him and us,” says Allison.

The service dog has an essential difference made in the life of Jacob. Since Reid in his life, is the little boy in to a supermarket, cross the street and dangerous situations to avoid. The four-legged friend is the mother of Allison ’a priceless gift’.

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