Strange object on edge of solar system

WASHINGTON – On the edge of our solar system, far beyond all the planets, is a mysterious object. It is a small boulder that there 44.000 years to orbit around our sun to rotate.

The object has the scientific name 2015 TG387. He is about 300 kilometers in diameter. He may be a dwarf planet, like Pluto. The discovery is Tuesday, published by the International Astronomical Union, the scientific organization, which has the research to the universe.

2015 TG387 running in an oval orbit around the sun. When he was discovered, was the distance to the sun eighty times as large as the distance from the earth to the sun. If he is the closest to the sun, it is still 65 times the distance sun-earth, twice as far away as Pluto. And at the farthest point is the distance to the sun is 2300 times the distance from the earth to the sun.

Potentially thousands of such objects in the vicinity

There are potentially thousands of such objects in the vicinity, but they are very hard to find because of the huge distance. Until now there are but a few found. “We could 2015 TG387 only to discover when he is the closest to the sun came. During 99 percent of his circulation, he was too dim to see”, says researcher David Tholen.

The explorers think that there might be a ninth, as-yet-undiscovered planet in that remote corner of the solar system. Boulders as 2015 TG387 are, according to them, “breadcrumbs” to that ‘Planet X’ may lead. The gravity of that planet can be the job of the boulders could affect. If they omloopbanen of the dwarf planets know, they can calculate where that gravity comes from and where the mysterious planet is located.

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