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Strafdossiers of Wesley, Carcela and Ocansey be on October 12, backtrack

Wesley Moraes (Club Brugge), Mehdi Carcela (Standard), Eric Ocansey (Eupen) and Loris Brogno (Beerschot Wilrijk) will appear on Friday, October 12 (from 13h) in that order for the complaints board of Appeal. Learned that Belga Tuesday of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association).

Therefore, coach Michel Preud’homme Sunday at the receipt of his former employer Club Brugge, however, count on hint Carcela. At the same time, he must be on Sclessin fear for the goals of Wesley. Eric Ocansey and Loris Brogno are this coming weekend speelgerechtigd. If there is a suspension comes only after the interlandbreak in.

The foursome was previously on appeal acquitted of suspension, because the indicative table on which penalties are based, is not officially approved by the Pro League. In the meantime, that is just what has happened, which the Evocatiecommissie decided to take the players back to the arbitration board Appeal.

The Bondsparket had in the past six days suspension and 6,000 euro fine advanced for an elbow strike from Wesley. The appeal against a suspension of more than five days does not work shelving and so was the Brazilian striker’s already two duels on the side. He risks, as well as Ocansey, incidentally, four suspended. Carcela and Brogno hang two schorsingsdagen above the head.

Wesley and his counsel may on 12 October at 13h, the striker noted in the federal building. For each player with the belgian football association a quarter of an hour. Carcela is therefore, in principle, to 13: 15 cet, Ocansey at 13.30 and Brogno to 13u45.

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