Spalletti: ’Van Bommel born trainer’

“He is a born trainer. That you saw in his character as a footballer”, said the coach of Internazionale, who Wednesday with his team in the Champions League against the Locals include.

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Spalletti spoke with respect about PSV. “They are physically strong and have a lot of individual qualities. We have them properly analyzed. I think they regret that they in the match against FC Barcelona as much space given”, said the coach in the Philips stadium over the defeat of 4-0 in the first team contest of PSV.

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Spalletti saw a week and a half back also the match between PSV and Ajax, though he thought that the result of 4-0 was in place of 3-0. “In that match, they have shown that they are an opponent not to start thinking and immediately put under pressure. It will be a nice test for us.”

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