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So should the expire of the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, after the restoration look

Simulatiebeeld of the Royal Conservatory of music after the restoration, which in 2023 will need to start

The study of the restoration of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels is officially started. Deputy prime minister Didier Reynders (MR), made Tuesday announced that the contract is awarded to the temporary architectenvereniging Origin-A2RC-FVWW.

The restoration project must be the conservatory to its former glory restore, but also expanding and more open to the public. That is more than needed, because large parts of the conservatoriumgebouw are today as good as cancelled.

During the study will be the first in-depth analysis of the state and the acoustics of the building, the needs and challenges of the users and a specialised research for the restoration of the unique organ from 1890.

The goal is for the musicians, the student houses and the visitors again with a high-performance complex of buildings to offer, the heritage and especially the large concert hall was restored. The monumental building of the architect Jean-Pierre Cluysenaar, that between 1872 and 1876 was raised, is almost entirely classified.

New construction

However, there are also some major structural work planned in the building complex that consists of the main building, the library and various residences, and extends between the rue de la régence and the rue aux laines. At the place of the non-protected and later added later library will be a modern building to rise that towers over the neorenaissancegebouw.

In the new construction, the underground floor will be used for a repository library, and are klassenvolumes stacked to save space. In addition, there is also space for a new repetitiezaal and a chamber music hall which will be connected with the foyer.

Concert hall as an eye-catcher

The new spaces will be in contact with the new courtyard. That is the central point between the various buildings of the Regentschapstraat to the rue aux laines. The houses on the site administrative functions. The lichtkoeren that throughout the years, and various interventions that were closed are also opened.

The large concert hall, which is currently in decline, should, after the restoration of the eye-catcher of the restoration project. New techniques and ventilation are integrated and the hall will comply with all requirements relating to fire safety. This will result in the upper balconies of the hall can be used again and the capacity of the hall increased. A first study of the original paint in the concert hall show pink and lindegroene shades, with gold-plated accents.

For the first phase of the project has Beliris on a budget of 2,35 million euros. The preparatory study will 515.000 euros in costs. The beginning of the real work on the building is scheduled for 2023.

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