Sanne Vogel loses unborn daughter

“‘Life’ is not flawless. Sadness is part of it. Melchior and I lost this summer after a pregnancy of four months, our daughter, the details do not matter, the sadness was great,” writes Sarah. That the actress was expecting, was not yet known.

She has long doubted the news of the loss, however, wanted to share, but the babyreclames on Instagram made the difference, says Sanne. “Instagram knew already that I was pregnant before I my friends told me, long live ‘search on Google’, but all searches about the loss of a child are ignored, there is no money to earn, so keep the big bellies, happy mothers, and all the associated services and products that make my timeline fill, best painful.”

Also, she finds it important that there is more spoken about. “In one way or another, it is a taboo and is grief an emotion where people feel ashamed of itself. At this… life can sometimes be mean.”

Sanne and Melchior, and became engaged a year ago.

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