Sam Gooris provides musical highlight in Best Viewers

On Wednesday, October 3 take Sven The Knight and Ruth Beeckmans, place in the captain’s seat and they will receive two equally diverse as sympathetic guests: Sam Gooris and Kamal Kharmach.

Kamal we know as the donut-selling comedian from Borgerhout. But apparently, for the average Flemish person is difficult to distinguish him from other well-known Adils who make films or at Home acting. Kamal reveals that Sven The Knight by his role in Pitch a figurehead and a source of inspiration for the Moroccan community.

Sven and Sam appear to be a common past. They have together in the classroom at the academy of art, sat down, and keep so a reunion in the Best Viewers. With an entertainer as Sam in the house can not but be a very musical episode. Not only see and hear we are the best campagneliedjes for the local elections, Best Viewers can also test the schlagerkennis of Kamal.

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