Release album Ye postponed: ’First Africa’

Kanye West

On that day, most Americans are free and they store massive christmas gifts. In an interview with TMZ explained the rapper why he to this decision.

“It was not finished yet, I plan within two weeks to Africa to go to the one and the other. I was recently in Chicago and I felt that vibe from my roots at all. I need to go to Africa and there undergo how it really is. I also want my children to be present in the studio while the microphone is out of state and we sounds can be heard during the recording of the album.”

Kim Kardashian tweeted about the upcoming album of her husband: “YANDHI the wait is absolutely worth it, believe me!.” Followers of the realityster reacted less enthusiastically. “A day without the hysteria of Kanye, is a day not lived. Is he sometimes of his medications?”, someone wrote. Another wrote: “This interests no one really one arse.”

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