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Police Las Vegas reopens investigation of Cristiano Ronaldo

The police in Las Vegas have the investigation re-opened into a possible rape in 2009, in which football player Cristiano Ronaldo involved would have been.

The American investigation is based on information from the possible victim recently re-started, so let the police of the American city in a press release know. Further details about the case would they not currently provide.

The police of Las Vegas has received on June 13, 2009, a notice of the American Kathryn Mayorga about a sexual offence. In consultation with her lawyer, she gave the police no information on the place where the rape had taken place, just as a description of the suspect. However, there was a medical examination carried out.

In the subsequent days had the lawyer of Mayorga extensive contact with the lawyers of Ronaldo, that is, ultimately, a mutual settlement is found. In exchange for her silence paid the Portuguese soccer star its such a 323.000 euros. In a questionnaire he gave also to ensure that the crime victim in the facts several times ‘no’ and ‘stop’ would have been called.

Despite that settlement began they now have a case against the 33-year-old Portuguese, reported the German magazine Der Spiegel last week. Ronaldo named to that post on Instagram the ‘fake news’, which the author of the piece different documents on social media published.

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