“Pictures ‘Bad Boys 3’ start at the beginning of next year”

The plans around a third ‘Bad Boys’film in a rapid, know filmsite Screen Rant. 15 years after the second part would be the recording of ‘Bad Boys for Life the beginning of 2019.

Two eccentric detectives (played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence) in Miami, whose fraternal but often tumultuous relationship on the laughing muscles worked: they made it nice again in the first two ‘Bad Boys’movies. Plans for a third date back to 2009, but the project is already years in the doldrums.

The first two buddy cop movies were a financial success, while only the first part good reviews opstreek. The sequel received mostly negative reviews, which may have played a role in the plans for a third film. The script was over the years repeatedly rewritten and passed by multiple screenwriters, such as David Guggenheim, Joe Carnahan and Chris Bremner. The script of the latter was abandoned by Sony approved.

A spin-off of ‘Bad Boys’, the tv series ‘LA’s Finest’, was earlier this year ordered by NBC, but while the production still is cancelled by the transmitter. A Canadian media company, Bell Media, picked up the project afterwards again.

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