Melania Trump pulls only to Africa

The American first lady Melania Trump is in Ghana landed for her first solotrip to Africa.

In total, Melania Trump in seven days, four countries, and African countries to visit: after Ghana she goes to Kenya, Malawi and Egypt.

The diplomatic and humanitarian mission focuses in the first place on children. So will the first lady’s visit to the projects of the American development agency USAID.

But alongside schools and hospitals will be the first lady also tourist attractions to visit. Before her departure said Melania Trump that she is looking forward to her visit of the ‘four beautiful and completely different countries in Africa.

And why does she do Africa for her first international solotrip? ‘She is interested in Africa because they have never been there, and know that each country has its own unique history and culture, ” says her communicatiedirecteur Stephanie Grisham.

Melania’s trip is also seen as an attempt to make the folds smooth out after president Donald Trump African countries in February ‘shithole-countries ” would have called.

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