Let MEGHAN ova freezing?

Prince Harry Meghan Markle

It must be hard for her: since the big wedding day in may focuses the entire world on her already growing belly. MEGHAN, duchess of Sussex (37), however, remains left under the media attention for the baby of her and PRINCE HARRY, welling up as soon as they are but as a wider dress, or her mother DORIA to London.

Meghan is already a year older than her illustrious mother-in-law DIANA (1961-1997) have become, and that means that the pressure on her big. But now there appears in London, a story that would clear why she is so relaxed you can remain, and what makes it with Harry first, and long and intense familiarization trip through Australia is going to do, that a line seems to get through all the earlier evidence that would indicate that they are already pregnant.

From 16 to 31 October, are traveling to the popular pair by Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga. It is an ambitious trip with a tight schedule and dozens of stops that someone, who is just pregnant, maybe her head would be. In Sydney they do Harry’s Invictus Games to end their trip and in between to find them in Melbourne, Dubbo to Fraser Island, Suva in Fiji and Nuku’alofa the capital of Tonga. Only in New Zealand do they both Auckland, Rotorua as Wellington.

As said: a strenuous tour!

Social freezing

Fertility in women is already from the 35th year of life and Meghan would be there, according to these sources, have ordered on time ova to have freezing.

’Social freezing’ is called the possibility which usually all before the thirtieth anniversary of oocytes to be preserved, which later come in handy and then a pregnancy could make it easier. It is a treatment that once only a few thousand euro cost, and in addition, about 300 euros per year for the preservation of the biological material.

The technique is so successful, because times have changed and women the last thirty years still later, children begin. Diana was the first son of PRINCE WILLIAM when she was just 21, Meghan was at that age, still an aspiring actress of great roles only could dream of but was determined to go!

The world may have hope of a new royal baby, Meghan and Harry seem to not want to be rushed and again only each other to want to enjoy. Last summer they disappeared as completely from the radar, but that led not to the announcement of the good news by Kensington Palace.

Insiders were expecting for their wedding to make sure that the two ” as fast as possible to children would like to start, in order that further delays for complications may ensure.’ That in itself is a logical argument, but because their baby is still no significant role to play in the succession and Meghan may have a medical trick behind the hand, that is what quality time together is also very… tempting!

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