Lawyers Ronaldo shoveled about ” beneficial zwijgcontract’

Cristiano Ronaldo played in 2009 against Real Madrid and had a strong reputation and football career to lose

The lawyer of Mayorga was in Der Spiegel as ’inexperienced’ category in this type of business. She was a specialist in traffic violations, not in big business with celebrities. This is in contrast to Ronaldo’s lawyers, according to legal documents, reputation-specialists inschakelden to Kathryn Mayorga to keep an eye on and report to the footballer.

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They were also very satisfied about the amount of ’just the 375,000 dollar’ that they mention Mayorga bought, cites Daily Mail in the file . “An incredibly economical overeenkosmt”, emailed among them, an amount that Ronaldo did in just a week with his football club Real Madrid earned.

The lawyers are comparing this relatively small amount with what else possibly could happen: Ronaldo had ’life-long could’ or could suffer from ’catastrophic effect’ that he was no longer in America would be allowed to play football. With this week’s pay, they had ” the devastating impact averted that such claims may have on his personal and professional reputation’. They praised their own work as ’invaluable’. “We are fully successful in our mission.”

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