Large antiterreuroperatie in the north of France

In Grande-Synthe, near Dunkerque in the north of France, its Tuesday twelve house searches carried out in the framework of a large antiterreuroperatie. Here were about 200 police officers involved.

The headquarters of the association ” Centre Zahra France’ and the houses of the most important leaders would be searched. Their is a clear support to various terrorist organisations’ responsibility.

The action started Tuesday at 6.00 pm and took place in the prevention of terrorism”, explains the prefecture in a statement.

The activities of the association are mainly followed because the leaders of various terrorist organizations and movements to support, that ideas propagate in conflict with the values of the republic”, sounds the yet.

State of emergency

It went to administrative searches, which since the end of the state of emergency in the autumn of 2017.

On its website says the association “Centre Zahra France’ as a goal to have” the message of islam through the eyes of the prophet and his family, and for their thoughts to be translated and their works to testify’. According to her Facebook page, the organization in november 2009.

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