Karen Damen: “I am not so much satisfied’

Karen Damen is going to join Dancing With The Stars and is now “exhausted and geradbraakt”. The Newspaper says they now have three weeks to rehearse. “I can take the stairs yet, though. Backward, with legs wide apart, as an old woman. Three weeks, three hours a day dancing would have to get used to, but I discover every day muscles that I didn’t know they existed. Mind you, I find it super amusing. My friends even say that I have never been so excited to have seen for a professional challenge. But it is toil. And I am not so much satisfied, my dance partner.” One tip wants to Damen on the i: she is not a dancer. “I think the people made me overestimate and I don’t want that. I have eighteen years of dance steps done in Q3, but that is totally not compare.”

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