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Johan Van Herck after Davis Cup-team also, girls of the Fed Cup team under his wing

Johan Van Herck (44) is the new captain of the Belgian Fed Cup team. He also remains captain of the Davis Cup team. That has the Royal Belgian Tennis Federation (KBTB) Tuesday published in the Maison des Sports in Liège.

Van Herck is already since 2011, the skipper of the Davis Cup team. In 2015 and 2017, he led the Belgian men into the final of the landenteamtoernooi. Therein were Britain and France too strong for the Belgians.

In march of this year, the Belgian tennis federation, the collaboration with Dominique Monami as Fed Cup coach stop. “The interaction between the Dominique and the team proved to be no longer optimal,” she said. She took Ivo Van Aken once over for the duel with Italy in the barrages of the Wereldgroep. Belgium won with 0-4 in Genoa, and insured as of the preserve in the elite group with eight of the best countries.

The Belgian Fed Cup-women play on 9 and 10 February 2019 in the first round of the Wereldgroep at home against France. Just next to that is much further with the men in Brazil (1-2 February) for the preliminary round of the reformed Davis Cup.

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