Jelle Brandt Corstius revealed the name Gijs van Dam

Jelle Brandt Corstius

In the open letter in Faith that Brandt Corstius last year #MeToo-story did was Of Dams name is not mentioned. Peter Plasman, the lawyer of Van Dam, accuses Brandt Corstius of a conscious strategy to get the name of the tv producer audience. “Everyone who is of the opinion that Brandt Corstius has not willed that the name of Gijs van Dam became famous is naive, gullible and do not know how there in medialand crazy; or pretends to be,” said Plasman at HP/De tijd.

Van Dam says it was “shocked” to be. “Brandt Corstius has an anonymous piece written, and then prior to publication active people call and are called by my name, as appears from the police questioning.”

Brandt Corstius’ lawyer, Nico Meijering, confirmed that the presenter of a number of his close friends prior to the publication in Trouw inquired about the identity of Van Dam. “It was next to that of intimates to two employees of Barend & Van Dorp, who still were not aware and it was in fact designated to that side speculate to avoid or before.” Meijering has the krokodillentranen’ at Van Dam and his lawyer.

The tv producer, recalls in an interview with the magazine for the first time back on the events of the past few months. He sat for weeks in hiding, had panic attacks and saw suicide as the only solution. He has to have his company rebuild it and says never to old to be. Also, read the story in The Telegraph today.

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