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“It’s my fault that Lewis Hamilton got into trouble”

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff takes on the responsibility for the fact that Lewis Hamilton a lap too late and was called in for his pit stop during the grand prix of Russia last weekend.

Valtteri Bottas drove from round twelve to round fifty-three, when he was called, in the lead of the grand prix of Russia, Lewis Hamilton continued the round afterwards outside.

At Ferrari, it has advice for Sebastian Vettel the opposite of Hamilton, as the Brit longer on the job remained had Vettel coming in and vice versa.

Toto Wolff says he is currently in discussion with the ‘Chief Strategist’ James Vowles and that the latter therefore was distracted and forgot of Hamilton into the pits to call. During the debate, kept Hamilton out and came Vettel.

Vettel played leapfrog with Hamilton and came out for the Brit back on to the track. Toto Wolff gave afterwards that the intention was that Hamilton the lap after his team-mate was called in.

“We got caught up in our own pitstopstrategie,” said Wolff. “We took the good decision to Valtteri as the first to call but with Lewis we were a round too late.”

“It’s a responsibility that I take, because I was in conversation with James Vowles at the time that he Lewis had binnenroepen. That is why he came a lap too late and he lost a position.”

Hamilton managed second place to recapture but in that battle he made his new tyres so on the trial that he was a so-called “blister” was on one of the copies.

“When we were in the situation that Valtteri tires could spare, Lewis, behind it, with a damaged rear tyre and Sebastian that make him bombard. From that moment on there were two possible outcomes.”

“In the best case, everything remains as it was and we can win with Valtteri and Lewis second, or in the worst case, Lewis and Seb not deter by his damaged tyre and he is in the end overtaken.”

“That is why it is so difficult what we with Valtteri have done. The rational was this the right thing to do but our sporthart says no.”

The Austrian remains behind his decision and find that the damaged rear tyre of Hamilton was reason enough to teamorders.

“We have experienced with Bottas in Spa and there we had to have a time additional to the pits and Ferrari made it with Vettel in Monza.”

“Imagine that Lewis is back had to come in and that he was sixth or seventh instead of the race to win. That was the kind of pressure where we were when we made this decision had to take,” concludes Wolff.

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